It was a very Merry Christmas

Monday, December 28, 2009

The past couple of days have been busy, busy, BUSY. Seems like all we did was eat and laugh but I've heard laughter burns a few calories so maybe we are on the right track.

Christmas Eve day was spent watching reruns of Family Feud with Terry... I had forgotten how much I loved that show. Now Terry has it on his iphone and I can play whenever I want. That night we drove out to my parents house to enjoy a Christmas dinner with my mom's family. After they left we had Christmas with my brother, sister-in-law and my parents. We were spoiled rotten and got some awesome gifts. My brother and sister-in-law gave us a gift certificate for two to attend a Viking Cooking Class. How awesome is that?

Marleigh had a great Christmas. She loved opening all her gifts and playing half the night.
Christmas morning, Terry and I enjoy opening gifts with each other. He surprised me with a Tiffany necklace, a new stainless steel grill and stadium seats for MSU football games!

We went to my papaw's house for Christmas Day lunch and enjoyed being with all my dad's family. There was presents, presents and yes even more presents. We got some great things. It's a tradition every year to have my picture taken with papaw... so have fun looking it and a few more below.

After we left papaw's we had Christmas with Terry's family. His nieces had a blast opening their gifts from us and I even think his mom liked her new camera. We ate our third meal of the day before heading home to pack for the road trip over the next two days.

After two days on the road visiting Terry's aunts and uncles and cousins.... it is so good to be home. This Christmas was the best, EVER. I can't wait to see what 2010 has in store!


It's beginning to look a lot like CHRISTMAS...

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Wow... are you kidding me? Christmas is two and a half weeks away?? I can hardly contain my excitement. The gifts are bought and wrapped under the tree just waiting for Santa to come so we can see everything. The holiday baking is around the corner and you can bet chocolate covered pretzels and fudge will be making their presence known.

The tree, our tree.... oh how I love our tree!!! I can tell you that I am one lucky girl to have a friend like Abby Dennis. Not only is she creative but she is funny and one of the best people to talk to if you need your spirits lifted. She helped me with my tree last year and was in on the action with the tree this year. God knew exactly what he was doing when he created her!

Our 2009 Christmas Tree!

Christmas movies are playing on the TV and my favorite XM station is Holly or it will be until the holidays are over. The cards have been mailed and our Christmas card pic is one of my favorites of us... the only thing missing from the picture is Marleigh, my miniature dachshund.

Marleigh Bell or as Terry calls her, MB.

Our Christmas card pic...

I'm not sure what I did to deserve the love of the man I have but I do know that I am very blessed and overjoyed to have him in my life. Spending Christmas with he and his family this year will be something new and exciting for me. But my family is equally excited about him joining our Christmas celebrations. Hope he knows what he is getting in to. The only gift I asked for this year, I know I'm getting. He asked what I wanted for Christmas and I told him I already had my gift, him. No matter what - this Christmas is gonna be a good one!!

10 years, really?

Monday, August 17, 2009

They say time flies when you're having fun, but honestly it doesn't seem like it has been 10 years since I graduated high school. Earlier in 2009, I was asked to be on my high school's graduating class reunion committee from Clarkdale. The question I kept asking myself was, "10 years, really?" Well, it has been 10 years and we are celebrating in September. It will be fun to see old classmates that I haven't seen since graduation and I'm sure to laugh as we reminisce on the memories of our grade school years.

The committee asked for pictures from the years of school we had together. Lucky for me, my mom has scrapbooks of everything dating back all the way from my preschool days at Mt. Olive. A few of my classmates from preschool went all the way to 12th grade with me. The memories I have from those days are few and far between but looking at those pictures made it seem like it was yesterday. Flipping through the pages of that particular scrapbook, I could remember everything from my dad taking me to school every morning to the smell of the building. The same scrapbook has kindergarten pictures through 2nd grade. My mom was (and still is) a teacher at Clarkdale. Everyday after school I got to hang around and play with the other teachers kids. Who knew that one day, I would end up working for one of them.

I was in elementary school in the 80s and you can imagine what the clothes and the hairstyle trends were. I have naturally curly, thick hair and back in the day there was no such thing as a CHI. Anyone that has naturally curly hair I'm sure can sympathize with me on how it has a mind of its own. And the clothes ... let's just say if those come back in style I will be rebelling. When picking pictures to share at the reunion, I will be sure to keep the "bad hair days" out of site. Fortunately in junior high school I got a straightener for my hair and the clothes seemed to get a bit better.

My last four years of grade school seem like a blur. Looking back, it all happened so quick and I'm sure I was no help wishing my life away. I never thought the day would come when I got my license, got to attend prom for the first time, leave early from school everyday and get a "real" job. Boy, what was I thinking? All of those days came and went and what I would give to go back and relive some of it. I guess I'll get my chance at the end of September. I look forward to seeing everyone in my graduating class and learning where life has taken everyone in the past 10 years.

As to what everyone will think about me and where life has taken me ... I have no idea what they will say or think. However, I know that I have enjoyed the years since high school and am proud of the person that I have become today. I can't wait to see what the next 10 years have in store for me.

If you get a minute, flip back through you're old yearbooks and scrapbooks ... if it's anything like mine I'm sure your in store for a few good laughs.

I'll see you out and about!
Joy Henson, 393 Editor

Letter from the Editor June/July 2009 issue

Monday, June 1, 2009

Hot and sticky, muddy and one of the best times of my life — that’s how I would describe my first Neshoba County Fair experience in 2007. To be honest, I didn't know what to expect. I had always heard from my cousins how much fun they had and I decided to try it out. I liked it so much that I returned last year and am looking forward to attending for my third time this year.

To get the full effect of the fair, it's a must to stay in a cabin. My aunt's family has a cabin and I can't imagine spending time at the fair with anyone else. I'm not a big breakfast eater during the week and some weekends I might fix myself some shake-and-pour pancakes, but it's done right at the fair. The smell of crispy bacon is a great way to wake up. No one cares if your hair is a mess or your pajamas are mismatched just as long as you’re down to eat and visit with the family. Some may have stayed up dancing at the square or playing mexican dominoes on the porch until midnight... but somehow all come to enjoy a big breakfast together. Usually the mornings are pretty quiet at the cabin. I think it's one of my favorite times to go out on the porch and swing. There aren't too many people stirring around at that time of the morning.

Depending on what day it is, there is usually something going on at the pavilion. Of course, the horse races are a favorite for many people and the chair race is another. I have never participated in the chair races but there really isn't a bad seat there. The entertainment is always a favorite. My first time to hear Trace Adkins was at the fair and let me tell you - he put on a great show. I'm excited about seeing Little Big Town this year.

A favorite for my cousins is the daily visit to the midway. The rides are thrilling and usually a stuffed animal or even a real animal is won. They have been known to bring back a bunny and goldfish. Usually while the kids are riding the rides or playing the games, I walk over to visit with some friends of mine from Jackson. The fair is a place where you visit with friends that you haven't seen since the last fair and the best part: they never turn anyone away. It's like a big reunion. I love seeing pictures of the newest additions to families and, of course, partaking in some of their finest desserts while reminiscing.

If you like to eat, you do not miss dinner. Ask anyone and they will tell you their dinner menu for the week. It's usually planned out way before the fair even begins. From spaghetti night to steak and potatoes night... if you go to bed hungry it's your own fault. And just like the way I start my mornings off - I like to end the day swinging on the porch. Unlike the mornings, there is always something to be heard — from the music from the square, neighbors laughing and kids playing in the lane.

The last two years I have been it has rained at least two days and with the Mississippi red clay... it gets pretty muddy. You usually leave the fair with a hint of red. It may be on your shoes, your clothes, but it's always on your vehicle. No matter what color your vehicle is when you get to the fair... it's gonna leave red!

I look forward to seeing everyone out and about at Mississippi's Giant Houseparty this year.

Joy Henson,
393 editor

(The picture is of my cousins at the fair)

Relay for LIfe

Monday, May 4, 2009

I was very honored to MC the Luminary Ceremony at Relay for Life this past weekend. I, like many others, have family members who have suffered with cancer and unfortunately lost the battle. It's a constant reminder every holiday we celebrate without them that cancer doesn't care who you are or what good deeds you have done. It can hit anyone at anytime.

In reading the names "in memory of" my grandmother Johnnie Henson and uncle Jim Henson were called out. Mamaw has been gone over 10 years now and my uncle has been gone for 7 years. It was hard to hear their names called out but I know both of them were there in spirit with us Friday night. Not a day goes by that I don't think about them. I wish they were still here with us.

Next came a time to read the names "in honor of" and I have to tell you... nothing hits home more than having a cancer survivor there beside you and knowing the battle they are fighting. As I started reading the names, I knew a good many of them but then I came to a name that tore my heart into. Because she is just not a cancer survivor... she is much more. She was my 5th and 6th grade math teacher, my chaperone to Washington D.C. on our 6th grade trip, my church pew friend, my hero and now my second mother... Camie Heard. As I read her name all of these things struck a chord with me and right then and there I was ever so thankful for her name being on the "in honor of" list! She continues to fight her battle and every day she is an example that prayer and a positive attitude works!

In the picture above, these two cancer survivors have seen me come a long way in life. They both had a huge part of me becoming who I am today. Of course some would say they hope Coach Roberson really didn't teach me how to drive the way I do. lol

I look forward to next year's Relay for Life. I may not be the MC for the Luminary Ceremony but I can't wait to hear the names Camie Heard and Rick Roberson called out from the "in honor of" list!!

Anniston's 1st Rodeo

Saturday, April 18, 2009

I took on the ultimate challenge of taking my niece to her very first rodeo last night. The outcome - she is now a COWGIRL! I knew she had it in her!!

She didn't get to wear any cowboy boots because we couldn't find any in her size... but as soon as I find some - they are as good as sold!

So off we go to the Ralph Morgan Rodeo! She was so excited and looking ever so cute in her pigtails. The first thing she saw were two beautiful white horses. She ran up to them and then one sneezed. GREAT - I figured she was gonna scream but she said bless you and then laughed. I think the cows were her favorite. Every few minutes she wanted to go over and see them. And she had a chance to pet "Pepper" the horse... but she said she was scared and decided to just have her picture made next to her. She had pictures made with the Rodeo Queens and smiled for newscenter 11. Now on to the best show on dirt. After the girls rode in with their sponsor flags... her mouth dropped and it stayed that way the entire time. She LOVED every minute of it from the bull riding to the calf roping.

Everything was going great until I had to take a picture of the clowns for the magazine. Anniston was getting tired and clinging to me so I went over with her in my arms to take a picture... no words can describe to you the loudness of the shrill that came out of her mouth. She was climbing up me and and in the process her shoes were pushing my shirt further and further down. I'm sure the clowns were flashed... (maybe that's why they were smiling so big in the picture). The screaming and crying didn't stop until we got back to my house. After I talked to her about how underneath all that makeup and funny clothes was just a man and did that to make people laugh, she calmed down. But I didn't take any chances on having a nightmare at my house. We loaded up and came to back to her mom and dad's house.

When we walked in - she was talking so fast no one could understand her but you could tell she was still excited about everything she saw at the rodeo. She even made the news. It was a big night for her and one neither she nor I will forget! We can't wait for the next one in August!

Event Season starting with the Rodeo!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Let the event season begin!

It may be Spring but I think this season should be called "event" season. I'm taking a break at the moment before headed out for an event this afternoon. We love events... who doesn't but I know that I have something every weekend until June... and I haven't even thought about looking at June yet.

If your living in Meridian or just passing through visiting family, there is plenty to do over the next few weeks.

This weekend we have the Ralph Morgan Rodeo Friday and Saturday night. And I love this event. Nothing better than putting on jeans and cowboy boots and being outdoors! Mr. Ralph does a wonderful job and I know he couldn't pull it off without the help of Mrs. Linda Clayton.

So if your in town this weekend - come on out and enjoy the best show on dirt!

Letter from the editor... April/May issue

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The grass is turning green, the trees are blooming and the pollen - well it needs to go! I have lived in Mississippi all of my life and I like to see Spring come just like the next person. However, I have realized that my sinuses do not like to see it come. As much as I love to be outside and cut the grass or plant some flowers, the only way I can survive is with a dose of benadryl. I think I should take stock in benadryl. I'm sure I, along with some of you, help keep them in business this time of year.

Springtime also brings another fun time - cookouts! There is nothing I love better than coming home to relax outside with the grill going and hearing the neighborhood kids playing in their backyards. As much as I love reality TV and could spend all day watching it... thank goodness for DVR and the occasional rainy day so I can spend most of my beautiful evenings outside enjoying the weather. Maybe one day, when this economy is stable again, I can purchase a TV for the outside and enjoy both! I know, I know - I'll keep dreaming!

Usually this time of the year brings families closer together. We have Easter, Mother's day and graduations all coming up in these two months. Last year was the first year our family has been together for Easter in a few years. I'm fortunate to still have my maternal grandmother still living. It's sad that she lives in a nearby county but I very rarely get to see her. We all live such busy lives but sometimes we just need to slow down and enjoy the things in the here and now.

Our Mother's Day usually consists of a day of spending time together. For many years now, my mom and I attend church with my grandmother. It's not a big gift, but you can always tell she is very happy to have us there. Afterwards, we usually have a cookout at my parents’ house to celebrate the rest of the day with food and laughter. You would never guess this, but I'm a rather picky eater. I love potato salad - without pickles! Mom always scoops me out some before she adds the pickles. See, it's the little things that let us know we are loved.

This year, it was important for me to have a picture of my grandmother, mom and myself. We always take candid shots during the holidays but I wanted one to show off the three generations. Maybe one day, I can have another professional photo made of us with another generation added to it. It's funny to have us all three in a picture. I can see what facial features I got from them. We met at Wayne Rawson's Studio to have the picture taken and in that twenty minutes, I think we laughed more than we have in a long time.

I've heard people ask why Mother's Day isn't called women's day. Shouldn't all women have a day? And the truth is, we all may not be mothers but our mothers do something for us everyday. It isn't something tangible but they gave us life and I'm sure not a day goes by without them thinking about their children. Everyday should be Mother's Day where we thank our mother's for what they have done for us. As I have said before, I haven't become a mom yet but I hope to one day and then I will know the love and joy that comes with motherhood. Until that day, I get to spoil my dachshund baby, Marleigh. I've heard that they are sometimes the best child... they don't back talk.

Enjoy this Spring by soaking up the sun and watching Meridian and the surrounding areas bloom with the colors of the rainbow.

I hope all the mothers have a very blessed Mother's Day.

Joy Henson

I'm addicted...

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Hi - my name is Joy and I'm addicted to Big Love. There, I said it! Boy that feels good to get that out in the open. Seriously - I don't believe in polygamy but if you crave drama, this show has drama.

I recently became a fan of the show and rented the first season at Blockbuster and in three days - I have already watched the first six episodes. This even tops Grey's Anatomy for me. And I even missed American Idol for it last night.

So if you watch the show, you know exactly what I'm talking about. If you haven't and are needed something new to get into - let me suggest Big Love.


One busy weekend...

Monday, February 9, 2009

This past weekend was one for the books, I mean gorgeous weather and fun every night. What more could a girl what?? Well, I can think of a few things but I enjoyed every minute of the weekend.

Friday night, Lauren and I went to see "He's just not that into you." I gotta tell ya, I have read the book (what girl hasn't) and thought the movie was good. However, it was LONG! I'm not as young as I use to be and by the time 9pm showed it's ugly face on the crackberry - I almost fell out! It was good to get out and see a movie with Lulu... we always crack up at the weirdest parts of the movie only because we tell each other everything and we both know that at different parts of the movie - that was us once upon a time.

Saturday was a busy day. I got up and enjoyed a day in the sun in the backyard. It was the perfect temp and it was quiet. Just what the doctor ordered! After an hour or so of enjoying the rays, it was time to get ready for the events of the evening. Lauren was my date for the night and the best part - she told me I looked great (even though I'm sure she was LYING). ha ha Of course her husband called to be sure we were behaving while we were out and about. Come on now - give us some credit... we are good girls most of the time. So we attended Art for Heart Preview Party at the Howarth's and the Debs Social and somehow still managed to get home before 10! ha ha Gotta love it! The fun picture was taken at the Debs function. We thought we looked good for pretend DJs!

Sunday morning - I got up and attended church. Afterward, I had lunch at my parents house and came back to the house where I enjoyed another afternoon of sun. The perfect weekend ended with me firing up the grill for some yummy burgers and hot dogs to munch on this week and watching the Grammy's and flipping back and forth to see the new episode of Big Love. Yes, I'm addicted to that show!

So, here's too a great week!! Hope you all had a great weekend, too!

Memories I wish I had...

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Most people will probably say I'm crazy for admitting this but I tend to daydream... a lot. Sometimes it's nothing more than what's for dinner and other times its a bit more complex. A lot of my daydreams are memories from the past. You know it's a good one when you smile before you ever start to talk about it - remember those nervous yet exciting butterflies in your stomach and how you wish everything could be that simple again. Those memories are the ones we carry with us all our lives. But what about the memories we wish we had?

My granddaddy Avera and I only had one year together. From what I have been told he was a hard working man whether he was driving his truck on the job or mending fences on his farm. I remember pictures of him on the tractor with my brother and still love to heard him talk about granddaddy's love for hunting and farming. My granddad never got a chance to take me on my first hunting trip... he died in his sleep from a heart attach after my 1st birthday. That was almost 27 years ago. I don't remember the year that we had together but I was his only granddaughter and I hope if he were here today he would be proud of the person I'm becoming. (The picture at the top is of me, Brian and granddaddy when I was 1 week old.)

Thankfully in those 27 years, the medical field has taken great strides against heart disease. And thanks to organizations like the American Heart Association, funds are being raised to help educate doctors and help their patients so they can have more time with their family and friends.

Last year was my first year to attend Art for Heart. It is great to see how the community comes together to support a "heart" worthy cause. I'm looking forward to attending this year's preview party and auction. The Art for Heart committee puts a great deal of time and effort into this event and I'm sure this year's auction will be the best one yet.

February and March are filled with events in and around the area. Take the time to get out and enjoy what this area has to offer.

Until next time, I'll be seeing you out and about.

Joy Henson, Editor

Feb/March Cover of 393 Magazine

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Here it is, the February/March 2009 cover of 393 Magazine. It will be out tomorrow (Wednesday). They should be arriving on the truck at lunch so I'm getting excited to see it. I'll post my column later. Of course, I always write from the heart on those columns I put in the magazine... so get your tissue ready for that post.

Sickness has struck me

Monday, February 2, 2009

You really have to love some Mississippi weather. I mean nothing like feeling great with the wonderful weather and then it hits - cold weather and then... strep throat! Yep, last Wednesday I started feeling bad and by Friday I couldn't even drive myself to the doctor... dad had to take me. After hours in he doc's office - I was told I have strep. It's been a rough couple of days trying to get over all of this but I did manage to get back to work this morning. I stayed as long as I could but by noon I was out of energy and had to come home to rest. The best nurse has been my baby girl, Marleigh. She just lays right beside me the entire time and keeps me comfy.

Got to get feeling better because the magazine comes in tomorrow afternoon... YAY! I will post the cover tomorrow and my column. Hope everyone is having a great Monday... at least it's almost over!

My blog got tagged!

Ok - so I was tagged in another blog to do this and I figured it might be kinda fun. The directions are to look in the 6th folder of your My Pictures folder, post the 6th picture and write about it. So my 6th folder was Cala's birthday party and Janie and I happened to be the sixth picture... so here it goes.

Janie's daughter, Cala, turned 9 back in September and me being the wonderful "aunt" I am and the "best friend" I am - I volunteered to let her invite 9 little crazy, screaming 9 year olds to my home for a spend the night party. I am crazy, of course I am!! So it was Janie and I who held the house down with ten 9 year olds running crazy. Before the little wild crazy girls came to my house - she had a birthday party at El Norte. And this picture is right before we were about to leave for my house from El Norte... we already look pooped... I'm just glad there wasn't an after picture the next morning! ha ha

Rain rain go away come again when I can sleep all day!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

HOLY CRAP is was tough getting out of bed this morning. The rain pouring down and still semi-dark outside... I mean perfect weather for sleeping in. I'm sure the two Tynelol PM's that I took last night helped with the eyes needing to be priyed open. But somehow I did manage to slide a foot out from under the cover and then about 15 minutes later - got the other foot on the floor. Standing up took another 5 minutes to happen. Morning person? I THINK NOT!!

Chicken butt (my spoiled little chocolate and tan minature dachshund named Marleigh) was still under the covers when I left the house for work. What a life huh??!! You know, it's the same for dogs as kids - they are their sweetest when they are sleeping. And when you wake them up... they are so warm and snuggly! So all I can say is lucky her... she gets to enjoy sleeping in this yucky weather!

I may not be at home enjoying this great sleeping weather but I can say I'm extremely happy that I don't have to worry about the lovely parking ticket lady today! Oh yea... no $6 tickets today, lady!!

I had a craving for beef stew last night - so I stopped by the grocery store on the way home and got everything I needed to fix the meal. Janie told me that Cala had asked to stay with me while she took Cala's younger brother to karate and boy scouts. No problem... however I didn't know that I was gonna get such a great little helper. She helped me cut up the potatoes and carrots for the stew and after we finished eating... she asked to use the swiffer to mop the kitchen floor. Did I hit the jackpot or what??!! I have at least until she realizes that it's really not that much fun. But not only did I get my kitchen floor mopped, she even played with my hair and massaged my neck! Yes - I felt a bit pampered last night. And NO you can't have her... she's MINE! ha ha

OK, I guess I better finish the rest of this coffee and get back to work. Or at least daydream of what chores I can get Cala to do tonight! ha ha


Having a ball remembering "the ball"

You know, you always have a vision of how things are going to take place and somehow we always get slapped in the face by it NOT going that way. Why we females put ourselves through that, I'll never know.

Getting dressed up, taking extra time with our hair and our makeup and wearing those shoes with the 3 inch heels... I mean... it's torture, but we LOVE it! I know after I put the dress on, I didn't sit down for 3 hours. Yes from 6-9 I stood in those lovely high heels and grinned like I was not in pain. Of course the thought of having to wear those again right now makes me want to cry. ha ha

The one thing we want to have told to us over and over again is how beautiful we look. We stress over getting everything just perfect and when all is said and done we need to know we were successful! (Whether we were or not!)

So on to the ball... somehow I roped Mike into going with me to this shindig. He showed up looking very nice in his suit and I grabbed my coat and off we went. The decorations looked very festive. And just like I thought I was looking, everyone was looking their best and ready to party. You know I don't think anyone had the same dress on... ha ha. Flashes from the cameras were going off non stop. And if you want to see any of them... just look for them on facebook - or will have some uploaded later this afternoon.

I hate to say I didn't partake in the food but I did partake in a few drinks. As we made our way to a table, I spotted my neighbors and friends. We enjoyed a lot of laughs and took in a few sites from the dance floor as the first few songs were played by the band. Some words that used to describe a few peoples dance moves: the white boy dance, old school, etc. Now I'm not an elegant dancer but I did get out there with a close friend and shake what is still hurting to this day. ha ha

The night ended early due to my escort getting a migraine. Being the good person I am, I said my goodbyes to the folks at the table and headed for the door. To be honest, getting those high heels off my feet was sounding really good. And that was the first thing off when I walked through the door.

So all in all - the night was a success. Did the evening happen the way I thought it was going to, no... but all I can say is I went, I danced and I conquered all that needed to be conquered.
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