Rain rain go away come again when I can sleep all day!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

HOLY CRAP is was tough getting out of bed this morning. The rain pouring down and still semi-dark outside... I mean perfect weather for sleeping in. I'm sure the two Tynelol PM's that I took last night helped with the eyes needing to be priyed open. But somehow I did manage to slide a foot out from under the cover and then about 15 minutes later - got the other foot on the floor. Standing up took another 5 minutes to happen. Morning person? I THINK NOT!!

Chicken butt (my spoiled little chocolate and tan minature dachshund named Marleigh) was still under the covers when I left the house for work. What a life huh??!! You know, it's the same for dogs as kids - they are their sweetest when they are sleeping. And when you wake them up... they are so warm and snuggly! So all I can say is lucky her... she gets to enjoy sleeping in this yucky weather!

I may not be at home enjoying this great sleeping weather but I can say I'm extremely happy that I don't have to worry about the lovely parking ticket lady today! Oh yea... no $6 tickets today, lady!!

I had a craving for beef stew last night - so I stopped by the grocery store on the way home and got everything I needed to fix the meal. Janie told me that Cala had asked to stay with me while she took Cala's younger brother to karate and boy scouts. No problem... however I didn't know that I was gonna get such a great little helper. She helped me cut up the potatoes and carrots for the stew and after we finished eating... she asked to use the swiffer to mop the kitchen floor. Did I hit the jackpot or what??!! I have at least until she realizes that it's really not that much fun. But not only did I get my kitchen floor mopped, she even played with my hair and massaged my neck! Yes - I felt a bit pampered last night. And NO you can't have her... she's MINE! ha ha

OK, I guess I better finish the rest of this coffee and get back to work. Or at least daydream of what chores I can get Cala to do tonight! ha ha


Having a ball remembering "the ball"

You know, you always have a vision of how things are going to take place and somehow we always get slapped in the face by it NOT going that way. Why we females put ourselves through that, I'll never know.

Getting dressed up, taking extra time with our hair and our makeup and wearing those shoes with the 3 inch heels... I mean... it's torture, but we LOVE it! I know after I put the dress on, I didn't sit down for 3 hours. Yes from 6-9 I stood in those lovely high heels and grinned like I was not in pain. Of course the thought of having to wear those again right now makes me want to cry. ha ha

The one thing we want to have told to us over and over again is how beautiful we look. We stress over getting everything just perfect and when all is said and done we need to know we were successful! (Whether we were or not!)

So on to the ball... somehow I roped Mike into going with me to this shindig. He showed up looking very nice in his suit and I grabbed my coat and off we went. The decorations looked very festive. And just like I thought I was looking, everyone was looking their best and ready to party. You know I don't think anyone had the same dress on... ha ha. Flashes from the cameras were going off non stop. And if you want to see any of them... just look for them on facebook - or 393mag.com will have some uploaded later this afternoon.

I hate to say I didn't partake in the food but I did partake in a few drinks. As we made our way to a table, I spotted my neighbors and friends. We enjoyed a lot of laughs and took in a few sites from the dance floor as the first few songs were played by the band. Some words that used to describe a few peoples dance moves: the white boy dance, old school, etc. Now I'm not an elegant dancer but I did get out there with a close friend and shake what is still hurting to this day. ha ha

The night ended early due to my escort getting a migraine. Being the good person I am, I said my goodbyes to the folks at the table and headed for the door. To be honest, getting those high heels off my feet was sounding really good. And that was the first thing off when I walked through the door.

So all in all - the night was a success. Did the evening happen the way I thought it was going to, no... but all I can say is I went, I danced and I conquered all that needed to be conquered.
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