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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Most people will probably say I'm crazy for admitting this but I tend to daydream... a lot. Sometimes it's nothing more than what's for dinner and other times its a bit more complex. A lot of my daydreams are memories from the past. You know it's a good one when you smile before you ever start to talk about it - remember those nervous yet exciting butterflies in your stomach and how you wish everything could be that simple again. Those memories are the ones we carry with us all our lives. But what about the memories we wish we had?

My granddaddy Avera and I only had one year together. From what I have been told he was a hard working man whether he was driving his truck on the job or mending fences on his farm. I remember pictures of him on the tractor with my brother and still love to heard him talk about granddaddy's love for hunting and farming. My granddad never got a chance to take me on my first hunting trip... he died in his sleep from a heart attach after my 1st birthday. That was almost 27 years ago. I don't remember the year that we had together but I was his only granddaughter and I hope if he were here today he would be proud of the person I'm becoming. (The picture at the top is of me, Brian and granddaddy when I was 1 week old.)

Thankfully in those 27 years, the medical field has taken great strides against heart disease. And thanks to organizations like the American Heart Association, funds are being raised to help educate doctors and help their patients so they can have more time with their family and friends.

Last year was my first year to attend Art for Heart. It is great to see how the community comes together to support a "heart" worthy cause. I'm looking forward to attending this year's preview party and auction. The Art for Heart committee puts a great deal of time and effort into this event and I'm sure this year's auction will be the best one yet.

February and March are filled with events in and around the area. Take the time to get out and enjoy what this area has to offer.

Until next time, I'll be seeing you out and about.

Joy Henson, Editor

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