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Monday, February 2, 2009

Ok - so I was tagged in another blog to do this and I figured it might be kinda fun. The directions are to look in the 6th folder of your My Pictures folder, post the 6th picture and write about it. So my 6th folder was Cala's birthday party and Janie and I happened to be the sixth picture... so here it goes.

Janie's daughter, Cala, turned 9 back in September and me being the wonderful "aunt" I am and the "best friend" I am - I volunteered to let her invite 9 little crazy, screaming 9 year olds to my home for a spend the night party. I am crazy, of course I am!! So it was Janie and I who held the house down with ten 9 year olds running crazy. Before the little wild crazy girls came to my house - she had a birthday party at El Norte. And this picture is right before we were about to leave for my house from El Norte... we already look pooped... I'm just glad there wasn't an after picture the next morning! ha ha

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