Sickness has struck me

Monday, February 2, 2009

You really have to love some Mississippi weather. I mean nothing like feeling great with the wonderful weather and then it hits - cold weather and then... strep throat! Yep, last Wednesday I started feeling bad and by Friday I couldn't even drive myself to the doctor... dad had to take me. After hours in he doc's office - I was told I have strep. It's been a rough couple of days trying to get over all of this but I did manage to get back to work this morning. I stayed as long as I could but by noon I was out of energy and had to come home to rest. The best nurse has been my baby girl, Marleigh. She just lays right beside me the entire time and keeps me comfy.

Got to get feeling better because the magazine comes in tomorrow afternoon... YAY! I will post the cover tomorrow and my column. Hope everyone is having a great Monday... at least it's almost over!

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  1. feel better soon
    I am just now finding your blog
    love it


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