Letter from the editor... April/May issue

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The grass is turning green, the trees are blooming and the pollen - well it needs to go! I have lived in Mississippi all of my life and I like to see Spring come just like the next person. However, I have realized that my sinuses do not like to see it come. As much as I love to be outside and cut the grass or plant some flowers, the only way I can survive is with a dose of benadryl. I think I should take stock in benadryl. I'm sure I, along with some of you, help keep them in business this time of year.

Springtime also brings another fun time - cookouts! There is nothing I love better than coming home to relax outside with the grill going and hearing the neighborhood kids playing in their backyards. As much as I love reality TV and could spend all day watching it... thank goodness for DVR and the occasional rainy day so I can spend most of my beautiful evenings outside enjoying the weather. Maybe one day, when this economy is stable again, I can purchase a TV for the outside and enjoy both! I know, I know - I'll keep dreaming!

Usually this time of the year brings families closer together. We have Easter, Mother's day and graduations all coming up in these two months. Last year was the first year our family has been together for Easter in a few years. I'm fortunate to still have my maternal grandmother still living. It's sad that she lives in a nearby county but I very rarely get to see her. We all live such busy lives but sometimes we just need to slow down and enjoy the things in the here and now.

Our Mother's Day usually consists of a day of spending time together. For many years now, my mom and I attend church with my grandmother. It's not a big gift, but you can always tell she is very happy to have us there. Afterwards, we usually have a cookout at my parents’ house to celebrate the rest of the day with food and laughter. You would never guess this, but I'm a rather picky eater. I love potato salad - without pickles! Mom always scoops me out some before she adds the pickles. See, it's the little things that let us know we are loved.

This year, it was important for me to have a picture of my grandmother, mom and myself. We always take candid shots during the holidays but I wanted one to show off the three generations. Maybe one day, I can have another professional photo made of us with another generation added to it. It's funny to have us all three in a picture. I can see what facial features I got from them. We met at Wayne Rawson's Studio to have the picture taken and in that twenty minutes, I think we laughed more than we have in a long time.

I've heard people ask why Mother's Day isn't called women's day. Shouldn't all women have a day? And the truth is, we all may not be mothers but our mothers do something for us everyday. It isn't something tangible but they gave us life and I'm sure not a day goes by without them thinking about their children. Everyday should be Mother's Day where we thank our mother's for what they have done for us. As I have said before, I haven't become a mom yet but I hope to one day and then I will know the love and joy that comes with motherhood. Until that day, I get to spoil my dachshund baby, Marleigh. I've heard that they are sometimes the best child... they don't back talk.

Enjoy this Spring by soaking up the sun and watching Meridian and the surrounding areas bloom with the colors of the rainbow.

I hope all the mothers have a very blessed Mother's Day.

Joy Henson
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