Anniston's 1st Rodeo

Saturday, April 18, 2009

I took on the ultimate challenge of taking my niece to her very first rodeo last night. The outcome - she is now a COWGIRL! I knew she had it in her!!

She didn't get to wear any cowboy boots because we couldn't find any in her size... but as soon as I find some - they are as good as sold!

So off we go to the Ralph Morgan Rodeo! She was so excited and looking ever so cute in her pigtails. The first thing she saw were two beautiful white horses. She ran up to them and then one sneezed. GREAT - I figured she was gonna scream but she said bless you and then laughed. I think the cows were her favorite. Every few minutes she wanted to go over and see them. And she had a chance to pet "Pepper" the horse... but she said she was scared and decided to just have her picture made next to her. She had pictures made with the Rodeo Queens and smiled for newscenter 11. Now on to the best show on dirt. After the girls rode in with their sponsor flags... her mouth dropped and it stayed that way the entire time. She LOVED every minute of it from the bull riding to the calf roping.

Everything was going great until I had to take a picture of the clowns for the magazine. Anniston was getting tired and clinging to me so I went over with her in my arms to take a picture... no words can describe to you the loudness of the shrill that came out of her mouth. She was climbing up me and and in the process her shoes were pushing my shirt further and further down. I'm sure the clowns were flashed... (maybe that's why they were smiling so big in the picture). The screaming and crying didn't stop until we got back to my house. After I talked to her about how underneath all that makeup and funny clothes was just a man and did that to make people laugh, she calmed down. But I didn't take any chances on having a nightmare at my house. We loaded up and came to back to her mom and dad's house.

When we walked in - she was talking so fast no one could understand her but you could tell she was still excited about everything she saw at the rodeo. She even made the news. It was a big night for her and one neither she nor I will forget! We can't wait for the next one in August!

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  1. Every "Great Aunt" should know that you buy cowgirl boots at Williams Bros. in Philadelphia--they have all sizes! (Just wanted you to join the rest of us "Great Aunts!")


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