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Thursday, February 11, 2010

I made it through my first visit to the chiropractor.  I was a nervous wreck when I got there and the sounds that were coming from the back rooms... I almost walked out.  But as soon as I started to get up and leave... they called me back.  

When I got back to the room, I saw the "table" and boy was it different.  When he came in, he said I can see scared written all over your face.  So he explained the table to me.  And 95% of the noise is because of the table.  He started with my feet.  He said you can tell a lot about a person's alignment from their feet.  I thought whatever but let him continue.  He knew what he was doing because he then explained in great detail what is going on with my neck, shoulder and shoulder blade.  Next was x-rays.

Since my muscles were so tense, he put a moist heating pad on my neck and shoulders to loosen the muscles up.  And then the fun began...

I got to go back to the table and experience the "cracking" for the first time.  To my surprise, it was pleasant.  He did explain my problems/condition to me and I will be going back a good many times over the next 3 months.  Apparently, my neck is completely out of whack and instead of curving it's more straight.  I told him my neck rarely hurts but he said everything in the body is connected.  (Which makes sense, now.)  At least we now know what the problem is and we are working to get it fixed.

After getting back on the heating pad when I got home... I could tell a little difference.  However, he said it will probably take a week or so to see and feel a big difference.  I go back in the morning for my second treatment.  So... it wasn't a quick fix but hopefully after it's all said and done... it will be a for good fix.

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