Bad Auntie Joy

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I get the bad Aunt of the year award.  

Today is my day with my niece, Anniston who "lubs" her Auntie Joy very much.  That is until she tells her mommy what Auntie Joy said in the car this morning.

 Anniston and me before leaving the house to go to school and work.

I don't have road rage but seriously, some people do NOT need to be on the roads during peak driving times.  Let me fill you in on the entire story.  Anniston's mom has a doctor's appointment in Jackson today and took the youngest with her.  However, Anniston is in preschool and she doesn't like to miss school.  So Auntie Joy to the rescue.  We met early this morning to put the car seat and 3 year old in my car.  And the best thing I heard was what came out of her mouth when I opened the door to their car... "Auntie Joy, you have missed me haven't you?"  Music to my ears.  

The music began to fade away as the number of questions grew.  Questions ranging from, "Auntie Joy why did that car pass us?" and "Auntie Joy why do you have to go to work?" Sometimes I ask myself that question.  lol  Anyway, after she played at the house for a few minutes, it was time to go to school and work.  I get her strapped in the car seat and start to back out when I hear... "SSSTTTOOOPPP... I have to tee tee."  Up goes the garage door and in we run to take care of this problem.  I might mention that even with this small interruption... we are still on time for school.

Back in the car, we are driving along on Poplar Springs Drive when someone not paying attention pulls out in front of me right when I was almost on him.  Did he stop and look... NO.  So here is where bad Auntie Joy comes out.  I said, aloud and without thinking, S**T!!!  Mainly because I know it's not just me in the car... it's another small life that I'm in care of today and we almost had a wreck!

After I get composure and start driving along, I heard a little voice from the backseat say, "What did you just say?"  BUSTED!
I apologized and told her I better not EVER hear that come out of her mouth.  Can't wait to see if she tells her mommy and if she actually says what I said.  I certainly hope not!

More to come later, I pick her up from school at 11:30 and have her for the rest of the day.  She will go to a lunch meeting with me and help me deliver some magazines.  Should be an interesting afternoon to which I will tell you all about it tomorrow.  Until then... Auntie Joy is holding her own.


  1. Hahaha..Same thing happened to be with the 4-year old nephew in the car when some moron ran a red light and almost hit my car with me, my two 4-legged children and my nephews in it. Tyler came home to tell Nana that Aunt Lauren said a "potty word".

  2. Becca has a cuss jar that she is working hard to save enough money to go to New York. And the "S" word is my favorite word but I think it should only cost a penny not a whole quarter. And besides even Forrest Gump taught us that "S**t Happens!" right? Had a blast at lunch and thanks for the pic - I spy Auntie Joy and Anniston - Fun memories!

  3. Oopsy, but happens to the best of us, but I am not sure how many oopsies you get b/4 they take away your "Auntie" card. Cute.


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