Gonna get "cracked"

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

After two nights of no sleep and hurting for a few months... I have made an appointment to see a chiropractor.  Scared?  You know it.  I love to pop my fingers, toes and neck but someone else doing this - I pray nothing breaks!  I think my biggest fear is having someone grab my neck and turn it where it never turns back.  I know... it's all in my head but I usually over think eeeevvvverything!

I have talked to a few people who have been "cracked" and they swear by it.  They tell me it will be loud and I might be sore the next day but overall I will feel much better.  I must confess, I have white coat syndrome and they tell me that you need to relax during the visit.  OH boy... relax, seriously?  I'm hoping there is no weird smell in the room.  I'm hoping I don't stop breathing (from holding my breath) during the session.  I'm hoping I get relief so I can sleep tonight.  I'm hoping for a miracle basically.  

Trying to calm my nerves now... so let the countdown begin.  4 hours til I get "cracked."

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