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Thursday, February 25, 2010

As promised, I will now let you in on how the rest of my day as Auntie Joy turned out.  

But first I should probably let you in on something, I do not have any kid toys at my house.  Just millions and millions of little squeaky dog toys.  And they can only hold so much attention to kids because the dog gets mad and takes her toys away from them.  But what I do have is this tray of little decorative rocks.  They love to get them out and play with them.  They line them up, count them, separate the big ones from the little ones, separate the light colored ones from the dark colored ones, and so on and so on.

However, Anniston noticed I had a new "rock" yesterday.  (This was given to me at Christmas from Terry's mom because she knew I collected things with my name on them.)  She loved it so much that she took it to school, without my permission.  I found out when I picked her up and noticed it was in her hand.  Fortunately, she didn't get in trouble with it at school.

So I mentioned that I had a lunch meeting yesterday with one of my sister bloggers, Angie.  And nothing would do but Anniston had to take the rock in with us to eat.  Once at the table, she decided not to eat and only play with the rock.
Once Mrs. Angie walked through the door

she was ready to eat her chicky nuggets and frenchy fries from Wendy's, of course.

On the back of the kids meal sack was the game, I Spy.  This child loved this game.  And she was very good at it.  She found stuff that Angie and I couldn't.  As the lunch was coming to an end, I had promised Anniston that I would take her to get her very own rock.  I knew that Plant the Earth had them for sale and I would let her pick out her own.  Plus, she loves "purdy frowers" 

and Plant the Earth has some beautiful potted plants inside the store.  So we head to pick out the rock and since she loved the game so much... we played I spy.
All in all, it was a good day.  I was exhausted when she went home but she didn't go home emptied handed... she and her sister got their very own rocks.  Anniston's says Dance and Ava's says Celebrate.

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