More Than Words

Monday, February 8, 2010

Valentine's day is less than a week away and I can hardly contain my excitement.  Not only do I get to spend my V-day weekend with the man I love but it's our first V-Day together.  Gifts... check, card to go with his gifts... guess I better get to working on that.

I'm a card alcoholic.  There - it has been said.  I guess it started in my teenage years, I loved to give and receive cards.  Whether it be a holiday or just a note to say hello, I love to send them all.  However, I seem to stay so busy that I rarely have time to go shop for cards and the local CVS near my house doesn't have the best selection of cards.  Hallmark is my all time favorite place to shop for cards.  There is a card for everything.  With that being said, our Hallmark in Meridian has closed.  As tragic as it may be I have found a solution for getting the cards I love and can shop there anytime I want.  

Hallmark has a website, now I'm not a huge fan of the e-cards but I love that you can purchase cards and change the words to fit what you are wanting to say and they will even mail the card for you!  And you can even add pictures to the card to personalize it!  Talk about a personal assistant at it's best!!  When I purchased our Valentine's Day cards to send to family and friends, they were offering a special.  I let them mail the cards to the people I wanted to send the cards to and they mailed them for free!  Yes, it is the small things that I love!!  Not sure if the offer is still good, but it's worth trying.  I would do it today or tomorrow to be sure the cards get to your loved one on time.

I let them send a few cute ones to my love for V-day but I will be looking in our stores here for the perfect card for me to give him with his gift.  There is still nothing better than signing the card yourself and licking that NASTY envelope.  Hey, it's all about the love.  

And finding the card that says exactly how your feeling, is more than words!

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