Sunday lunch at Red Robster

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Terry's niece Emma Kate just turned five yesterday and I still love the way she says Lobster!  It's hilarious!

We normally do not go out to eat Sunday's at lunch.  I mean, have you seen the crowds of folks that go out to eat after church?  But it was a birthday lunch and Red Lobster was the place she picked.  I saw everybody and their mama while we were eating!  From folks I see every once in a while to folks I haven't seen in years.  Nothing like a visit to a restaurant to remind you how small Meridian can be.  Hopefully those folks I saw won't think much of the way I said "good to see you" spoken with food in my mouth! 

And as many of you know - I'm allergic to seafood.  So, my entree... grilled chicken!  YUM-O!

I'll post some birthday party pics tomorrow... it was at Pat Gray and I have never seen so many kids having a good time.

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