What a difference a week makes

Friday, February 19, 2010

Last Friday, the city woke up to a white out.  It was beautiful and something that we don't see here very often.  The white, fluffy blanket of snow made the town look so innocent and pure.


I didn't get out to see the sites but I saw many pictures of families playing in the snow, making snow creatures and most important, smiling.  No one had a frown that day.  Everyone's inner child came out and enjoyed the day that was given to us.  

I can't help but wonder if God knew that was actually what we needed.  A day to forget about all the problems of the world, and focus on being with the ones we love.  A day where families spent the day together, not in front of the tv or playing the wii or any other video games but together making homemade snow ice cream and having playful snowballs fights.  A day to make memories as a family like families use to do when things were simple.  

Today, I woke to a completely different view.  The sun shinning and the view of dead grass.  However, there was just a tiny bit of the snowman left...
and with the temperature reaching near 60 degrees today, I'm sure that tiny ball of snow will be gone by noon.  But having even that little bit of snow in my backyard all week, it reminded me of last Friday.  And how happy our city was, and how I felt like a little kid peeping out the window every few minutes to see if it was still there.  I hope that memory stays with me and most importantly, I thank the Lord above for giving us that day to remind us that it's not the possessions we have but that everything good and well comes from above.

Enjoy the beautiful weekend!!

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