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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Are you ready for this?  I was asked advice on how to keep your man happy.  Seriously, me?  The girl who, until now, has never had a relationship that was meant to be and actually worked.  But she asked and I gave my two cents.  I'm no "love guru" but here are the five tips I gave her.

#1 - Men LOVE food.  Period.  So, cook him a home cooked meal.  It doesn't have to be elaborate but getting up on a Saturday and making him some pancakes, biscuits or in my case, cheesy browns - they will love the effort you put in to making his day start off right.

#2 - If you don't know what kind of music he likes... give him subtle hints and when you figure it out - gift him a song on itunes that is one of his favorite jams.  You can purchase the song as a gift and it will send it to him to download for free.  You can also leave a personal message when sending the gift.  

#3 - Work in the same area?  Find out if he is going to be at work during that afternoon and surprise him with a hot fudge sundae... and you can score even more brownie points by bringing one more for his co-worker.

#4 - Send him an unexpected text.  Something like this... "Someone just caught me smiling and asked what's up... I said oh nothing but I was thinking of you."

#5 - Next time it's your turn to rent the movies, pick out something that he would like.  Not a chick flick or something that is drama but Transformers or Star Trek.  No - we don't like the blood and guts movies but they do... so we can endure one every once in a while.

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