Thursday, March 25, 2010

The funniest thing I heard today...

One of my best friends, Paula, came to the house today.  I was off today and will be tomorrow as well... so she brought her youngest, Ava, for me to watch for a few minutes while she went to a teacher conference at Anniston's school.  After she was finished with the conference, we went to shop for a Easter dress until Anniston got out at lunch.  We picked her up from school and went to eat at Logans.  

Paula's phone went off and she has the classic phone ring for her ringtone.  Anniston is sitting beside me and she said, Auntie Joy mama's phone says..... "Brrrrrinng, Brrrrrinng."  Now I need you to picture a blonde haired, blue eyed, three year old shaking her little head like a vibrating bell saying that.  

Not only the funniest thing I heard today but the cutest!!  Kids, gotta love em!! 

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