Getting my panties out of a wad

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I'm a female and I wear my feelings on my sleeve.  I'm trying to do better but when someone or something upsets me, it shows.  I'm usually not vocal (unless your one of the three females I consider my sisters) and I usually don't retaliate.  When my feelings are hurt, I'm quiet - which is a rare thing for me.

Being the person that I am, I'm a doer.  I love to do for others.  Sometimes I go overboard with the things I do.  And sometimes I need to respect the wishes of others who do not want things done for them but, that is not the way I was brought up.  Why am I bringing this up, well, I'm going to have a pity party for myself.  When will others start doing for me?  When will they go out of their way to make me feel special or do something unexpected to brighten my day?  And I know what your thinking... geez Joy, could you be anymore selfish?  Trust me, I'm not meaning to be or sound like I am.

Let me just say this, I enjoy throwing baby showers, wedding showers, lingerie showers, bachelorette parties and birthday parties for others.  I love to to entertain.  And, I have given my fair share of wedding and baby showers.  And here is where my selfishness sets in.... "Is anyone going to do any of that for me, if or when my day comes?"  And I should probably be slapped for even thinking that way but I'm going to use the excuse that I'm a female and my head hurts for speaking on this, today.  And I promise I will never complain about this to you, my blog readers, again.

So as I'm sitting here waiting on the latest edition of 393 Magazine to upload to the printer... I'm reminding myself to breathe in and breathe out and get my panties out of a wad.

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  1. ARE awesome and always going out of the way for others. Expecially me!! My birthday was awesome...thanks to you!I will be the FIRST in line for you a shower of some sort for whatever the occasion (wink wink)I hope that I am one of the three "sisters" because I sure consider you one.


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