Men... you gotta love em

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I hesitate to write this... but I'm gonna do it anyway.  Men, why do they have to make things SOOOO difficult.  And I'm not talking about any one man in particular, ok so maybe I am but I'm not giving out any names.  (And no, it's not Terry.)  However, it seems like all of them do something to drive us crazy.  But we love them anyway.

Men do not like to be sick.  And getting them to go to the doctor, well, that's almost impossible.  They always wait til the last minute and by that time, it takes weeks for them to get over it.  And there are some cases where the sickness has gone so long that it takes an overnight hospital stay (or longer) to take care of the problem.  Even a surgery is possible.

Now - hospitals are not the Hilton.  They are not equipped with today's remote controls, alarm clocks or mini refrigerators.  And you aren't guaranteed your best night's sleep, either.  (Unless the pain meds are good.)  And not only is it an inconvenience to the person in the hospital but it's an even bigger inconvenience to the family.

Men do not like to be out of control.  Yeah yea, we know you like to have things done "your" way but, sometimes sitting back and letting others take control is what is best.  I can, however, guarantee that your inconvenience will not last as long if you do what the doctors and others say.

To help this patient (man) get through his stay at the hospital... I had some things delivered to his room.
Car and Truck Magazine
Time Magazine
Newsweek Magazine
Chocolate Chip Cookies
Mississippi Cheese Straws
Trail Mix

Hopefully the next 24 hours of his stay will not be as bad as the first.


  1. Joy, you hit the nail on the head! I love it!!

  2. I love it! YOU ARE SO RIGHT on this one.


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