A Milestone

Monday, March 8, 2010

Yesterday, we celebrated a milestone with Terry's parents.  Last Wednesday was their 47th wedding anniversary.  It's not often that you see a couple celebrate that many years together, and still be in love.  

We wanted to do something special for them, as they always make birthdays and holidays special for us.  After Terry and I talked about it, we decided that just going out to eat wasn't going to cut it.  After all, his mom usually cooks a big meal for the entire family on Sundays and we never bring anything but our appetite to the meal.  So, we asked his parents and his brother and his family to come over to the house for lunch.  

I love to entertain and make people feel comfortable.  So, I spent the week leading up to the event cleaning and re-cleaning to ensure the house was spotless for our guests.  Nothing went untouched.  Even the the rugs were washed.  It was a good Spring cleaning, early.  And since we do not have kids, only the spoiled rotten little dachshund... I bought some things for his nieces to play with outside.

 Sidewalk Chalk, Bubbles and Frisbees

The meal consisted of Italian baked chicken, loaded mashed potatoes, baked beans and you know I had some kind of bread... Sister Schubert Rolls!  YUM-O!  Oh yes and I guess I should add that Terry's family loves pickles... sweet pickles, dill pickles, long pickles, thin and crunchy pickles, they love them all.  And guess what I don't eat.... PICKLES.  (Sidney, this is why I think it's funny that you call me "pickles.")  Don't get me wrong, I love the smell of them and even enjoy the pickle flavored chips, just not the actual eating of a pickle.  But since it's a tradition at the Sowell dinner table... I had pickles.
This was the table before the guests arrived... and I should have taken one after everyone left but the thought didn't cross my mind.  And a tip - live flowers always makes a lunch or dinner table look a little elegant... my favorite is red roses since my dishes are mainly red.

After lunch, we all went outside to play with the chalk, bubbles and we all played frisbee.  It was fun to just get out and enjoy the beautiful afternoon.  The girls had fun with the chalk and I will have the drawings to remember the afternoon until the rain comes and makes a clean slate for the next time.

This drawing is by Emma.  
She said since this will be my first beach trip with the family, she wanted to show me what to expect.

After we had fun in the backyard, we came in for the anniversary cake by Carol Fanning.

All in all, it was a great day.  It's always fun to celebrate something but it's especially great to celebrate the love of two people.  I'm blessed with parents who will be married 39 years this year.  I believe Terry and I have two great examples of love and hope to one day celebrate our love with a milestone of many happy years like our parents.


  1. You did a fabulous job with everything. You both are blessed with wonderful parents and girl, those Sister Schubert rolls are a fave at my house but have to be reserved for special occasions. We would be as big as a house, otherwise....LOL

  2. Gorgeous Joy - You are amazing and I know that they are very lucky to have such a true and beautiful person in their life!

  3. B-U-T-full!!!!! I love to entertain too...it's such fun....you've inspired me, Pickles! Tomorrow, when I fix Mr. C's breakfast, I'm going to use a plate that actually has to be washed. That oughta fire him up, huh?


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