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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Ever thought about your younger days and miss them?

I did last night and the one thing I missed most was mama's cooking on week nights.  My dad, brother and I were always fed by 7 p.m. no matter what my mom had going on during that day.  And the meals were never shabby.  They usually consisted of a meat and two sides and some kind of bread.  But there were some meals, especially during the summer, that only consisted of vegetables and cornbread.  And those were my favorite.  Let's face it, I LOVE cornbread.  From the Jiffy brand to Mexican cornbread to homemade butter milk cornbread... I love it!

One of the things I loved about our suppers was the fact that we ate as a family.  And since we ate around the time the news was going off, we might talk about our day but we were sure to play Wheel of Fortune with the TV while we ate.  Now in case you didn't know, I grew up in the country.  I'm talking about so far out in the country that cable didn't run out to our house.  Matter of fact - they stopped running it ten miles from our house.  And mom loved (and still loves) her yard, so she was not having part in a satellite.  She was not going to allow someone to place a huge, round, dust collecting object in her personally well manicured yard.  So we got our 3 channels, 4 if the sun was behind the right cloud.

For dinner last night, I was craving one of mom's meals.  It was simple but satisfying... macaroni and cheese, pink eyed purple hull peas and cornbread, Jiffy style.  And what topped off the meal, I watched the entire show of Wheel of Fortune without being interrupted by a phone call.   

It may not have been cooked by mama but it sure was good and brought back a lot of memories!

I'm very thankful for the wonderful childhood memories my parents made with me.  Yeah and I'm glad my brother is sometimes in them, too.  =)


  1. I think about supper at mamma's from time to time too. I, especially remember the summers at my mawmaw's where there wasn't any meat anywhere close by but there was an abundance of fresh veggies from peas, fried okra with fresh tomoto, cucumber, hot pepper and banan pepper for that added touch! Love it!!

  2. Awe,what a sweet post.I think I lived about as far out in the country as you did back then LOL.We didn't get a phone until I was 18 I think.We lived down a long,dirt road/driveway and they kept wanting to charge extra to run the cable for the phone down that far off the road LOL-same way for cable.My sister and her family still lives out there and they just got satellite in 2001 LOL,so I can definately relate to thoose 3-4 channels LOL.

  3. High speed internet still doesn't run out to my parents house out in the sticks! and they are only about 2 miles from your parents. But they do have dish network now.


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