April/May 2010... From the Editor

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Birds chirping, lawnmowers mowing.  Children playing, couples laughing.  Grills sizillin', dogs barking.  Bats hitting balls, sunbathing in backyards.  Flowers blooming, people smiling... you guessed it, I love spring.

I think the best part of spring is people will stop looking at me funny for wearing flip-flops.  Maybe I should explain.  I wear flip-flops year around.  I love my high heels, tennis shoes and boots but there is something about putting on a pair of flip-flops that makes me feel happy.  It could also be that when I look down, even in the dead of winter, I see red.  That's right, red.  My toenails are always painted red with the exception of football season to which the color is a bit more maroon.  I think it's that little bit of color that makes me happy.  A friend of mine made a statement to me as I was planting flowers at my house.  She said those pots now have their lipstick on.  And it's true; the best part of spring is the beautiful colors.  Green grass, blue skies, and the flowers... the colors are endless.  My favorite, which I'm sure you have already guessed, is red.  I'm waiting a few more weeks before I go get my favorite red statement flower... geraniums.

Another thing I love about spring is that people get out of their houses and do things as a family.  Thankfully, this area is full of things to do in the next few months.  To name a few, we have the Ralph Morgan Rodeo, The Main Event and Relay to Life.  And golf. If you love golf, you will be able to find a golf tournament just about every week.  I have no clue how to play but I have learned some golf etiquette over the past three years of attending them around the area.  Maybe one day someone will offer me some golf lessons so I can play a round instead of riding in a cart all day.  One thing is for sure: some are "pros" and others, not so much. But they are all having a good time and raising money for good causes.  So, if you and your team are playing and see me coming with a camera, smile and remember that no matter how bad your score, I'm sure I'd do worse.

With the warmer months comes the end of the school year.  I can hear your claps, your screams of joys and shear excitement for another summer break.  Summer break means summer vacations.  Where are you going this year?  The beach?  The mountains?  We want to know.  Check our Facebook fan page over the next few weeks to see what our three questions are for the June/July issue.  We had a lot of you give us great feedback on whether you liked Mac or PC better and if the iPhone or the Blackberry was the way to go.  Check out page 61 to see the three questions and which ones scored big time.

I'm looking forward to the warmer months ahead.  Be sure to speak if you see us out and about.  We love hearing how much you enjoy the magazine and we look forward to bringing it to you each issue!

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