Makes the shoes fit perfectly

Thursday, April 8, 2010

As many of you know, I have been in a boot because of my cracked foot for two weeks.  Well, today was the first day out of the boot and into a real shoe again.  My mom bought me two pair of flats because I'm not suppose to wear heels for another two weeks (but somehow I don't think that will be possible).  When she bought me the flats... I didn't try on the right shoe because of the brace and boot... but the left one fit.  Well - today I put on both shoes and the right one slips up and down.  Now, I'm sorry - call me picky or bitchy but that is one thing I can not put up with.  Thankfully, Belle G' (a ladies boutique) in North Hills has what are called "heavenly heelz."

I have had these before in a pair of shoes and they worked great.  Can't wait to put these in my new flats to wear.  And what's even better - they are only $6.95!! 

What is a girlie product that you absolutely love and has made your life easier?


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