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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

First - let me apologize for not blogging in... A WEEK!  What in the world is wrong with me?  I'll tell you, I have been B U S Y.  But I'm taking the time tonight to blog because what I witnessed today... I feel I need to share.

I had to make the drive to Philly this morning for the magazine to take some pictures.  The gals at The Potting Shed asked me to stick around for lunch.  And who will turn down some Coffee Bean homemade chicken salad?  So after lunch, I made the trek back to Meridian.

I had already seen two highway patrol cars go by me right after leaving the city limits of Philly so I set my cruise and cranked up the radio.  As I was passing through Tucker and singing at the top of my lungs... I'm on a straight away and see a black mini van headed towards Philly.  Right behind it was a gold Taurus.  He whipped out from behind her and gunned it.  Only he found me in the lane he pulled out in.  I slammed on brakes and pulled onto the shoulder to avoid having a head on collision.  (If I would have been 5 seconds fast... I might not be here writing about this now.)  He turned his steering wheel sharp to the right to avoid me and lost control of his car.  He came back in my lane two more times before leaving the road all together and going off the embankment.  The van didn't stop and I was so scared I pulled over a few feet up at the next road.  I looked back and couldn't see the car.  I called 911.  

She asked me to walk down to the accident to check on the driver and passengers.  Once I got down there... I yelled to the driver and I heard him talking and saw him moving.  Thankfully, no one else was in the car.  I told the 911 officer on the phone that he was moving and talking and she said help was on the way.  I had to stay so that the emergency vehicles could find the scene since you couldn't see his car unless you walked down to it.  The young guy was very lucky... just a few scratches and bruises and he will be sore but he is alive.  

The reason I tell you this is - it doesn't have to be bad weather to make driving conditions bad.  Please pay attention to the road and the others around you.  I'm blessed and lucky.  Still a bit shook up from witnessing the accident but so very glad it wasn't any worse than it was.


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