A weekend away

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

If I could pick a place that is my home away from home, it would be the Van Doren's house in Ala.  These two special friends of ours have been gracious to let us stay the weekend with them, twice.  

They have three beautiful (and hilarious) children all 10 and under.  The stories that we here will make you blush and they are always entertaining.  The accommodations will have you thinking you are at a resort.  The bed, it's my favorite of all beds I have ever slept in.  And the view that you wake up seeing  - it's like you're in a cabin in the woods surrounded by the beauty that God created.  

The food, the food - good grief I love his food.  TVD is the best cook.  I know he is the best male cook I have ever met.  (I can't say he is the best cook out of men and women because I have met Paula Deen and her cooking is FINE.)  And if you go to bed hungry... it's your fault because there is always a plenty.

It is always fine with me if we just stay at home and hang out but there are thousands of shops there that Meridian has not even heard of.  Hello, I'm a girl - I love to shop!  Only one problem... need me some M O N E Y!!!   

It's always hard to leave the good company because we feel like we are at home there.  I've only known the Van Doren's for a little under a year but I feel like they are family.  Can't wait to go back and visit with them again soon!!

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