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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I had to have a wake up call this morning, at 5:30 a.m.  That's right, EARLY!!!  Why?  Well, I was interviewed on three radio stations this morning for the new April/May 393 Magazine that just came out.  

Usually, I go visit with 97OKK after each issue comes out to let the listeners know what is in the current issue.  It's always fun and usually not too early.  Today was different, I was asked to be there at 7.  Yep, I'm not a morning person so it took a phone call and two alarm clocks to get me going this morning.  Terry even called back at 6:30 to be sure I was up and moving and going to be on time.

97OKK was up first.  Sharkey and the Ken Man are hilarious and we always have a good time.  They ask the questions no one else would ever touch.  Today, it was do I go through the home feature's folks refrigerators.  My reply, "sorry, we aren't MTV cribs."  

Me and Sharkey in the 97OKK booth.

Next was V93.5 with Scott and Lisa.  This was my first time to be on the air with them.  And thankfully, the off air question of "wedding bells" didn't make it on the air.  But Scott did mention a wedding issue coming up soon.  And no, I'm not engaged, yet.  

Me and Scott in the V93.5 booth.

And last, I was interviewed on 910am.  And lets be honest here... I forgot there even was such a station.  Talk radio.  It's not my thing.  I'm a music lovin gal so I had not even heard of Roger, one of the guys interviewing me.  But I did have fun on the thirty minute interview with Roger and Van Mac.  And I even gave them my version of the weather forecast for the day... "warm and yellow."

  Don't worry, I left the microphone there.  I'm going to stick with my 393 Magazine gig... I'm not sure there could ever be a future in radio for me!  Thankfully the ones I talked with today have what it takes to entertain!

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  1. You would be a great replacement for my old job~ except for the getting up early part! Radio is fun except for that early alarm going off!


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