What to get mom?!?!

Monday, May 3, 2010

You have to love the independent women we have become, but when holidays like Mother's Day comes around... can I just ask all of the moms out there to do this for me next year?  STOP buying the things you want and see TWO months before Mother's Day.  Seriously, we know you have money and can buy the things you want but did you ever think that we need something to buy you that you want?!?!

Every year we seem to go through this.  "Mom, what would you like us to get you for Mother's Day?"  Her answer... "I don't want or need anything!"  Give me a break!!!  You know your gonna be mad if we don't give you something.  And wouldn't you rather get something you want or need than something that you might never use??

Seems I'm too late for this request this year - but next year... do a daughter a favor and wait to let us buy it for you!!


  1. I took care of my shopping last week.. of course, my mom ALWAYS drops hints :)

  2. I dropped a hint too...even told the hubby where to get it LOL....he has already forgotten....not reminding him either LOL....


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