I cook because...

Saturday, June 5, 2010

I cook because I can.

I cook because it's comforting.

I cook because I love to make others happy when eating.

I cook because the smells bring back childhood memories.

I cook because whatever mood I'm in instantly turns better.

I cook because I love to make a mess in the kitchen.

I cook because I have motherly instincts.

I cook because I'm good at it.

Some of my favorite things to cook:
fried chicken, baked chicken, BBQ chicken, loaded mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, cornbread, peas, green beans, pigs in a blanket, cheesy browns, pancakes, brownies, cookies, chicken spaghetti, homemade spaghetti, homemade french fries, etc.

Good grief - I could go on and on and on!!!  Guess I better get busy cooking... wonder what will be on the menu now...

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