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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

 I asked on Facebook what I should blog about first and this subject won first place.

I guess I should give a little background information on how we ended up away from home.  Terry's aunt and uncle live in Huntsville, Ala and asked us to come up for Memorial Day weekend.  It was our first time to visit Huntsville and we enjoyed every minute of it.  The second day we were there (I'll talk about the first day tomorrow) we decided to drive up to Lynchburg, Tenn to check out the Jack Daniel Distillery.  (We also went because Terry wanted to visit their Harley Davidson store there.)

The drive up was great.  Beautiful hills/mountains and it was only a short hour drive to our destination.  

Jack Daniel Distillery Visitor Center

We arrived a little after noon and were fully expecting to pay a good bit to go on the tour... wrong!  The guided hour and fifteen minute tour was FREE!!!  It was a little under a half mile walk but we enjoyed every minute of it.  We got to see everything - from the wood they burn to make the charcoal, the spring of water that is always 56 degrees (year round), the fermentation, barrel making, and one of the buildings that holds some of the whiskey.  The tour was fun, informative and most important... we loved every minute of it.  And for those of you who think we went and had a tasting afterwards... again you are wrong.  Lynchburg is a dry county.  =)

Enjoy the pictures from the tour!!  Btw - we couldn't take pictures inside... flash and fumes don't mix.  =)
Where they burn the wood to make the charcoal.
The fresh water spring cave that is 56 degrees year round.
Me and Terry with Jack

Jack's famous saying...

One of the barrels.  The barrels are only used
once for the whiskey and then they are used
for other things like this and furniture.  
The grounds were beautiful!

The yeast turns the bark black.

The mama duck and her babies.

The oldest barrel house of Jack Daniels.
The oldest barrel in this building was from 2005.  
They stay in there anywhere from 4 to 7 years.

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