Redneck Sunbathing

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I'm not embarrassed... and yes, I will admit it - I redneck sunbath.

Don't know what it is?  Definition: (from the Joyous Dictionary)
Redneck Sunbathing - laying out in the back yard with a fan pointed directly at you on high.

Last Sunday, Terry and I decided we would lay out in the backyard to get some color on our white selves.  OK - I'm not that white but Terry admits that he is "pasty." So outside we go.  He had no clue what he was in for until he walked outside.  He said this is a nice little set up.  Picture this... I had two chairs with two beach towels on each, the iPod player putting out some great tunes, two huge glasses of ice water, tanning oil for me, tanning oil with sunblock for him and of course, the fan!  However, the fan didn't really do much for us on Sunday.  It was so hot and humid outside that we were miserable after five minutes.  We had just gotten lathered up and laid down for a few minutes and he says, I JUST CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE. 

I told him to suck it up because I didn't just waste all that tanning oil on five minutes.  Every two minutes he asked me how much longer until we turn over.  So, after only twenty minutes on one side we flipped over to get only fifteen on the other.  He was right, it was unbearable but it was really funny to see a grow man not be able to handle it.  

Have you ever noticed that men can work outside for hours, in this heat I might add, and never ask how much longer.  But you will NEVER see a woman doing this.  What you will see a women doing is laying out in the hottest time of the day for hours, in this heat, and NEVER complain.  As the book says... Women are from Mars and Men are from Venus.  It has to be future!  =)

Enjoy your AC... I expect the power company to send me a gift basket with lots of goodies after this month.  I'm sure I'm hitting an all time high for my neighborhood!

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