Beach Vacation Recap

Saturday, July 24, 2010

For those of you who read my blog a good bit - trust me, I've had plenty to say...just not enough time to blog.  I plan to make up for it over the next few days so bare with me.

A couple of weeks ago we were enjoying a lovely beach vacation at Perdido Key, Fla.  There was no oil there (although we saw plenty of boats and no swimming signs posted in Gulf Shores) and the water and sand was beautiful.  We stayed and Sun Down and had a perfect view of the Old River.  Maybe one day if we hit the lottery we can buy one of the houses we got to see everyday on the other side of the river.  

Terry's nieces fished off the pier everyday and caught these cute little bitty fish...

Hannah's fish

These are some pictures of the nieces with their dad, Richie, off the pier at our condo.  Enjoy!

Emma Kate and Hannah Mae

Emma, Richie and Hannah

Back view

The sting ray that stayed under our pier.

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