From the Editor: Aug/Sept 2010 issue

Friday, July 23, 2010

I've lived in Mississippi all my life and one thing is for sure — summer is not one of those seasons I look forward to living through.  I know growing up I looked forward to summer break from school but now that I'm older, I wouldn't mind skipping these hot summer months.  The main reason: we really don't have the traditional four seasons.  We go from scorching to bearable, then throwing on a sweater and then back to the pollen and humidity.  And any girl with naturally curly hair can tell you that humidity is NOT our best friend.  It doesn't matter how long you've taken to fix your hair in the morning — step outside for five minutes and all that time has gone to waste.  But maybe the worst part about summer is the fact that in exactly two minutes from getting out of your car, you can go from pleasant to dewey.  That's right, I have said it — SWEAT!  It's not cute, pretty nor attractive but this time of year, we all do it. 

Thankfully, in a few months we will be back to the "bearable" season.  The season I love most, fall!  I have one question for you... are you ready for some football?  I am.  I'm ready for the cooler, crisp air to arrive so tailgating and cheering on the team will be enjoyable.    I've only been to tailgates at Mississippi State but from what I hear, tailgating with the "school up north" is nothing like what I've been to.  High heels, dresses, etc.  vs. boots, jeans and cowbells.  I know how far it is for us to walk from our vehicle to the stadium and all I can say is y'all ladies wearing the high heels must enjoy pain but for me, I'll stick to the boots. 

With tailgating brings the thought of food and there is usually a lot of food there.  BBQ, burgers, casseroles, chip and dip ... the list just keeps going on and on.  But I didn't even mention the desserts.  One thing you will find is that everyone welcomes everyone, well just about every one, unless you are with the opposing team.  And the laughter and fun can be heard a mile away.  It doesn't matter if the game is won or lost, what matters is that everyone is there to support their team and enjoy the fellowship with other fans.

To bring back football and fall, another has to start back — school.  Here I am wishing the summer away and school teachers and students are praying it never ends.  One thing is for sure, the year seems to be flying by.  The holidays are fast approaching and I can tell you that our advertisers are excited.  Most of them have just gotten back from market and are bringing back new and exciting things for the upcoming season.  If getting a head start on your holiday shopping is on your mind, please stop in and tell them you saw their ad in our magazine.  For me, I'm just hoping I don't see any Christmas decorations in stores before October!   

Make the most of the last days of summer with your family.  If you canceled your beach vacation due to the oil, reschedule for Labor day weekend.  We just spent a few days at Peridio Key and the beaches there are prettier than ever, with no oil to be seen.  And most of you know that I'm not a patient person so not having to wait to eat at a restaurant made my day.  So if you are looking for that last little beach getaway, make plans to head south.  You won't regret it!

When you tailgate this season, stop and take a picture of your group and email it in to the magazine (  We want to see your photos and who knows, you might even see them again, in print!  I'll be seeing you out and about!

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