A year of sticking out her tongue

Friday, July 9, 2010

Almost a year ago, my baby girl, Marleigh had surgery at Mississippi State University!  She has been doing great.  I love this little girl and can't imagine how I would be if I would have lost her last year.  Thanks to the doctors at MSU, she is still here and better than ever. 

However while she was at MSU, she was in ICU for a week and was held all the time.  So, naturally she came home wanted to be held all the time.  Only that isn't the only thing she came home doing...

She sticks out her tongue all the time.  And it's too funny and cute.  You'll catch her sleeping with it sticking out and this morning she was wanting to go outside and the picture is the view I saw, her sitting on the rug with her tongue out.  Silly girl!


  1. oh goodness poor doggie baby....glad she's OK...wonder why the "tongue thing"? LOL cute pic though......

  2. oh poor doggie baby....wonder why she does the "tongue thing"? LOL cute pic though....


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