Another birthday dinner - 2 months later

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I love celebrating birthday's, especially when mine is celebrated every month of the summer!  That's right, last Sunday night we went over to a friend's house for dinner and to celebrate my 29th birthday.  Only, my 29th birthday was over 2 months ago.  But hey, that's ok, it gave us another excuse to get together, eat and laugh.  

This time the host and hostess was Brandon Pratt and Lauren Denham.  The food was great.  We had New York Strips, mac and cheese, beans and Brandon cooked my favorite - Red Velvet Cake!  Not only did he bake it himself - he also made it a two layer cake!  GO BRANDOCROCKER!!!  

We caught some of the Emmys on TV and then had to get home because we had to get up the next morning for - WORK!  But we still had a great time visiting and catching up with our friends.  

Next time we all celebrate together - I'm sure we will be celebrating at a football game tailgate!  Bring on the football season, football weather and GO DAWGS!!!!

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