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Monday, August 23, 2010

Yesterday, Terry and I attended Asa David James' baby dedication at Jones Chapel Church of God.  First of all, this baby is the most precious baby God ever put on this planet.  He doesn't cry, he is beautiful and he has all the love a baby could need from his parents, family and adopted family (Terry and I, of course).  We were honored to be there yesterday to witness his parents make a public acknowledgment to be Godly parents.  

During the dedication, I witnessed first hand what a baby does for a husband and wife.  It brings them closer and with their love they have for each other it doubles to make their baby the most loved child a parent could have.  Taking pictures during the ceremony, I prayed to be able to bring a baby into this world and give him or her the love that Jeremy and Lauren are giving Asa, everyday.

I snapped this one right before the prayer...
So sweet to see the love they have for each other and this precious little boy.

I did good holding it together during the dedication but I lost it at the end of the service when they both went to the alter to pray to God giving him thanks for this new life he has given them.  I'm sure everyone - including Terry - was wondering why I was so emotional but, to have known Lauren forever and Jeremy and Lauren as a couple for years... this was a blessing to witness.

Thanks Lauren and Jeremy for letting me be a part of your sweet little family's day. 

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