The ABCs of me

Friday, September 24, 2010

A - amusingly funny
B - believer in God
C - committed to him
D - dog lover
E - energetic on weekends
F - friendly to all
G - gorgeous on the inside
H - hopelessly devoted
I - icee freak
J - joyfully joy
K - kind hearted
L - loved by terry
M - mississippi state fan
N - night owl wanna be
O - optimistic about the future
P - photo taker
Q - quiet when upset
R - redneck sun bather
S - singing to the radio chic
T - talkative all the time
U - unbeliever in 5 day work week
V - valued friend
W - walmart avoider
X - xxix in age
Y - yard lady of the household
Z - zoned out by nine

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