Auntie Joy tackles both nieces for the first time

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Let me just start off saying that I love my nieces.  They rarely ever are in a bad mood and the one thing I love is that they LOVE their Auntie Joy!!  

Their mom Paula had to go to a doctor's appointment in Jackson this morning and I got the girls so they didn't miss school.  I did this quite a few times last year but Ava wasn't in school yet and she would go with her mom to Jackson.  However, this year she started to preschool, too.  SO... I had a back seat full today.  Two car seats, two book bags, two little voices talking non stop in the back of the car - you get the drift.  

I got the girls to school on time and with no crying I might add.  And I went to work... no clue that time would fly by that quickly.  I picked them up from preschool and we called Terry because he said he would go to lunch with us - only to find out that he couldn't go with us due to work deadlines.  When I asked the girls where they wanted to eat - they said Chick-fil-a.  So then I said well.... what do you want from there.  Anniston said, "chickie nuggets, frenchie fries and ROLLS!"  Ummm, rolls?  They don't serve rolls!!!  So I asked her if she really wanted rolls and she said, "YES YES YES!"  I said - so where do you want to go and "Charlies" was the answer.  Yep, me and two children 4 and under going to dine in at O'Charleys.  Fortunately there were no spilled drinks or meals and Anniston ate 3 rolls and Ava had 2.5.  I guess they love bread like me!

We ordered Terry something and took it to him before heading home to wait for their mom to come pick them up.  They are "too big" for naps as they say so I had to come up with something for them to do while I worked.  I have dog toys and that's about it.  I did by some sidewalk chalk but it was extremely too hot for that.  So I found some construction paper, sequins and paint.  And with some yelling of "NO... keep the brush on the paper" and "stop painting each other," this is what they came up with...

Ava's artwork... age 2

Anniston's artwork... age 4


  1. Auntie Joy--That is so cute. I will always treasure my time with my nieces. I have moved on to great-nieces and great nephews! It is still great!

  2. That is so sweet. I will always treasure the time I spent with my nieces. I have now moved on to great-nieces and great-nephews! It is still great!!!


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