Ever so thankful

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tonight, I'm thankful for many things.  I would make a list but it wouldn't explain why so I'll paraphrase.

I'm thankful that I'm not so caught up in other people's drama that I let it disturb my life.  In the end, you are responsible for you.  Getting caught up in others problems will only bring problems to you.  Those who have done wrong will be judged by the one true God, not the ones on earth who think they are a god.  As my mom always said, "if it doesn't involve you - stay out of it.  Better to keep your nose clean than to be caught with it otherwise."

I'm thankful for a faithful man.  A man who doesn't stray away from the women he loves.  I'm thankful for our standards, if you cheat then you're gone.  If you aren't happy with the one you're with, call it quits and move on.  Cheating on your man or him cheating on you can never be made right after the hurt that does happen then and over time.  My parents have been married over 39 years and one thing I have learned is it's not always easy but working these out together and talking things through will get you through the tough times.  Finding some other female or male will only make things worse.  Again, "if it doesn't involve you - stay out of it.  Better to keep your nose clean than to be caught with it otherwise."

I'm thankful for a home to come to after a job that pays the house note and other bills.  Without that job, I wouldn't be able to come to my home and cook and clean (even though cleaning isn't always fun).  Without that job, I wouldn't own the things that I do today.  I take care of the things I own and am thankful I can say they are mine.  I love sharing these things with friends and family.  Being able to open up my home for dinner and conversation makes me happy.  And having those saying they are comfortable being here tops it off.  Take pride in your possessions and do not dwell on the things that aren't yours.

And to keep it short, the last thing I'm thankful for tonight is true friends.  Those are the ones who call to ask how your day was before spilling all of their problems.  They are there in the good times and bad, will cry when you cry and laugh til they cry when something is extremely funny.  They remember the phrases that were said back in the day and bring them up again at just the right moment.  They understand that some days are worse than others and on that day, they leave you alone except for the little package of chocolate left at your door.  It's then, when you call to thank them that they know you are ok.  Those are the friends that are there until the end.  Friendships come and go but those that stand the test of time are the ones that bind us for a lifetime. 

I have many more but those are the ones I felt like sharing tonight.  Be thankful - not just during the season of Thanksgiving but year round.  

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