Planned weekend became unplanned weekend

Monday, September 20, 2010

Friday morning I was sprung with the idea of going to Birmingham with the boys Saturday to get a gun safe and bring it home.  However, I was invited and told the Cheesecake Factory was for lunch, just for me, well - then they decided it was going to be a boys trip.  So, I stayed home.  I was disappointed but got over it quickly because I was going to have a friend over for dinner that evening to watch the MSU/LSU game.  Only I get a call about a few hours before saying that she had to cancel.  Upset, yeah I was.  I felt like no one wanted anything to do with me.  

After Terry got home, we ended up with his neighbor coming over to watch the game.  MSU, lost but we watched hopeful the entire game.  

Sunday, we decided to have a "quiet" day.  And that we did.  No make up, no dressy clothes... just pjs and a ponytail.  After we grilled and fed the neighborhood dog, Jug, we settled down to head to bed.  I noticed on the "guide" that Dear John was coming on at 7:30.  Terry said no but finally gave it to let me watch it.  After all, I watch bloody shoot em up movies all the time with him.  I loved it - a great romance movie.  He fell asleep within the first 45 minutes.  Oh love, it's all about give and take.  

If you haven't seen the movie yet, I would suggest it for a girls night.  Or if your man has misbehaved.  You'll cry and smile but in the end... you'll be so glad you watched it.

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