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Monday, September 27, 2010

Sometimes we ask why now or why not now?  And then sometimes we understand.  

A few things are coming into play like, the weather.  We have waited so long for cooler, fallish temps and fall has finally decided to show itself.  Words cannot express to you the wonderful feeling that came over me when I stepped outside this morning.  It was fresh, crisp and absolutely divine!  Of course, waking up next to a man that will go and make all of his morning racket in another room so he doesn't disturb me sleeping is the best way to wake up.  

However, the morning took a quick turn for the worst when I got in my car and started to head down the driveway... the accelerator started acting up and I noticed ... a light on the dash board that I had never ever seen before.  I started to freak out a bit, worried that I wouldn't make it to the dealership.  But, thankfully I did make it there and had Terry talking me through it most of the way there.  And the best news, it was a computer glitch in the car.  Nothing major, at least that is what I was told!  And to top it off, I owed them $0.00.  Nothing beats that, right?

Today was also the day that I realized I have one person who I can count on for anything and everything.  Terry was there through every step of the way today.  Cheering me on as I finished editing the magazine and uploading it to the printer.  Being there to make sure I wasn't stranded at the dealership and making sure I didn't go hungry.  He was there in person and in spirit all day.  It's great to have a personal cheerleader.  (Even though he would die if he heard me referring to him as one.)  I'm grateful everyday to have him in my life and today, he made me feel like the planet was rotating because of me.  I've said it before and I'll say it for the rest of my life, I love this man with everything I have.  God knew the perfect time to introduce us together and I will thank him everyday for it.

A few other things are unfolding before us and we will have to wait and see if it all works out but I have faith that it will happen in due time.  I'm not the most patience person but somethings are worth the wait.  So for now, I'm not asking why not and why not now?  I'm just thankful for the now.

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