Road rage at its best

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Have you ever had one of those really quiet mornings where you don't say anything?  No ones called so you haven't really spoken anything except... come on Marleigh, let's go outside to potty.  Well, that was the morning I was having this morning.  I get in the car and head to work.  XM is pouring through the speakers and if I was in a good mood, you might see me singing to it, however this morning I looked like a deer caught in a headlight.  

That is until I come to a stop light at 14th street, where I see what we have all done - a lady screaming at someone in another car for doing something, well, stupid!  She threw up her hands, screaming (not that anyone except the passengers in the car can hear her) and shaking her head.  Yep, I've done it before, too.  BUT now, I know what it looks like and trust me - it's entertaining to see.  I got the biggest laugh from witnessing that. And it made my very quiet morning erupt into laughter.  So thanks lady in the silver 4 door car for turning in front of the lady who obviously didn't approve of your move so I could see her reaction.

Of course, not even 4 blocks up the road, a car is moving along in front of me and sees her destination about 2 seconds before she is to turn.  Up went my hands, shaking my head and saying... what the hell were you thinking?  I guess it happens to the best of us.  Be safe out there and remember - you never know who's watching! 

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