Tailgating snacks

Thursday, September 2, 2010

The first MSU football game of the season is this Saturday.  I'm so excited!!!  I can't wait to hear those cowbells and hear, Go State... GO STATE!  I'll be wearing white because it is the "white out" game.  
Our family is tailgating and I was told to bring something.  So I'm in need of some suggestions.  I need something easy but that will travel two hours and still be great!  Anyone got any ideas?  I was kinda thinking pigs in a blanket but they would be cold by the time we get there.  Would they still be good?  HELP!


  1. Well, first question is savory or sweet?

    Savory - pigs in a blanket, texas trash, or sin dip are all good (FB me for recipes)

    Sweet- MS mud bars, brownies, or cookies are always a good idea.

    I'm doing MSU brownies (in a logo pan) and bourbon balls.

  2. I have the large MSU logo pan that has six paw prints. I thought about doing brownies in those and then dipping them in chocolate. But I'm going to fb you for the sin dip - I just have to know what it is! =) Thanks for the suggestions!!

  3. Sin dip is fabulous! Hot or cold! Have fun at the game!


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