Weekend 29th Birthday trip to Ross Bridge Resort

Friday, September 17, 2010

Back in June, the love of my life took me to Ross Bridge Resort in Bham for my birthday weekend.  Some of our friends joined us for the weekend.  Angie and Mark drove over from Meridian and the Van Doren's came over from Pelham. 

We had a wonderful time together and enjoyed celebrating during dinners and on my birthday at the spa.  (The guys didn't join us in the spa.)  We arrived on Friday evening and relaxed by the pool with drinks and then went up to dine at one of the resort restaurants.  Saturday, we sunned by the pool and enjoyed the salt water zero entry pool.  That evening, we got cleaned up and went to Shula's for dinner.  The presentation of the food, the taste of the food and the service was incredible.  My steak was delicious.  And since it was my birthday... we got to enjoy a chocolate lava cake with ice cream and homemade cool whip.

Enjoying the chocolate lava cake at Shula's

Angie and me leaving in "style"

After leaving Shula's, we went back to the resort to open PRESENTS!  

Terry and me right before opening presents at the resort

The first present I got was from my AMAZING love, Terry.  He got me the Hobo purse I had been wanting and I had no clue until I unwrapped the present.  Yeah, he's pretty awesome.

The next present I opened was from Angie and Mark.  Because I was turning 29 - I became the 29 Club President.  However, I don't believe I'm living up to the responsibilities.  Maybe it should have come with a manual.  LOL

Birthday gifts from the Denney's

And of course after all the presents were opened, Angie told me I had to do something to end my last night of being 28.  So... we took shots.  Let's just say that is the last time I will be doing that!  =)

"Tekillya" shot in the birthday cup

After waking up the next morning from the worst nightmare I've ever had, the girls went down to the spa for a 75 minute massage.  And just let me say - that was the fastest 75 minutes ever!  We packed up and left the resort but before heading back home, we went to the Cheesecake Factory for lunch and dessert.  And if you know me - you know what I had for dessert!  That's right... red velvet cheesecake!
The weekend was the perfect start to my 29th year on this earth.  Can't wait to see what else this year holds before I turn the big 2-9 again! 

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  1. What a wonderful 29th birthday! It sounds like you had a lot of fun! I love the Cheesecake Factory! Have a great weekend!


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