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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Yesterday afternoon, we picked up Terry's oldest niece, Hannah, to celebrate her birthday.  Since she is turning 8, we decided to let her spend the night with us.  So, we let her go shopping and pick out her own gift, went to Outback for dinner and then came home for the night.  We had in mind to buy her some clothes for her birthday but she had other ideas.  We went to Geoffrey's to buy a 1st birthday gift for our friend's little boy, Wyatt, and she found what she wanted.
And let me tell you - this little camera is so neat.  We played with it all night.  It's a 5 mega pixel digital twist camera that comes with a Disney program to make boarders and fun images on the photo.  The twist is so they can take pictures of them self.  And we got it for a steal.  It was on clearance for $30 at our local Geoffrey's.  They also had it for icarly and Hannah Montana.   SO - if your needing something for a girl that is around the 7- 10 age group... this is something that I would suggest.  She told us it was her favorite gift, ever.  Score for Uncle Terry and Joy!!!

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