Happy 81st Birthday, Papaw!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Today, we celebrated my Papaw's 81st birthday.  (It was actually Friday but, this was the first day we could all get together.)  I'm blessed to still have this wonderful and caring grandfather around.  I never miss a chance to spend time with him and since today was his birthday celebration - we were there to party.

We drove up to the camp house and cooked out with the family.  I love getting together with them because when food is involved - it's always DIVINE!  After stuffing our faces, we went outside to enjoy the beautiful weather.  (Of course, it could have been cooler.)  There is something about family and spending time with them... it's always fun to catch up!

Happy 81st Birthday Papaw!  Hope the next year brings more exciting fun for you and Mrs. Betty!!

Terry, me, Papaw & Mrs. Betty

Terry and me enjoying the gorgeous day

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