Getting ready for Thanksgiving

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Today being the first day of deer season means that the Hopewell Volunteer Fire Department hosted their annual cookout today at lunch.  We always get together as a family and eat at my grandmothers after the men get out of the woods.   Today was no different.  My sister in law and I got to my grandmothers around 11 a.m. and waited for the men in our lives to come out of the fields.  They got lunch and we had a nice picnic outside to enjoy the beautiful day.  No one shot at anything today but they saw quite a few as they were scoping out everything for next week.  We can't wait to be off work Tuesday at noon to enjoy the long Thanksgiving holiday. 

I didn't take my camera with us but we have two new baby calves and one more on the way.  (Maybe I'll get pictures next week.)  We rode 4 wheelers and the mule and had fun playing together like we were kids again.  After the guys went back out to check on the fields Mary Martha and I went in to visit with my grandmother.  Since we are having Thanksgiving at her house due to her capabilities of getting around, we decided to get a head start on getting things ready for Thanksgiving.  I think we cleaned for 5 hours or more.  But at least the house is now spotless and is ready to host all 10 of us next Thursday.

As much as we both hated cleaning anything, it is great to still have my grandmother with us to celebrate the holidays.  So many people out there are losing their grandparents and I'm lucky enough to still have my mom's mom and my dad's dad with us.  And I do not take this for granted.  When we left, you could see the happiness on her face.  Not only was her house clean but she got to sit in her wheelchair and visit with us.  I think the visiting is what she loved the best!  

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