Sunday, November 28, 2010

 Cowbells ring, are you listening??
Down the field, the dawgs are sprinting!!
A beautiful site, the carebears crying tonight!!
Walking with the trophy in our hands!! 

My voice is not as strong as it was yesterday at this time.  Why?  We were screaming and cheering for our dawgs all night!!  Our cowbells were ringing (which I'm sure scared every deer off for miles) and you still can't get the smile off our faces!  We had my brother and sister in law over to the house to watch the game.  Lit the grill for some burgers, fried some homemade french fries, baked some beans and enjoyed these for our dessert celebration!
MSU cupcakes from Gigi's in Flowood
And in addition to celebrate our win, we rolled the neighbor's yard.  Can't wait to see his Ole Miss face when he gets home from Oxford today!  And yes, we plan to help clean it up after he sees it.  We had so much fun rolling it, like we were teenagers again!

Hail dear 'ole State,
Fight for that victory today;
Hit that line and 'tote that ball;
Cross the goal before you fall,
And then we'll yell, yell, yell, yell!
For dear 'ole State we'll yell like hell!
Fight for Mis-sis-sip-pi State,
Win that game today.


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