Thanksgiving Recap

Sunday, November 28, 2010

To say we are blessed is an understatement.  And this Thanksgiving was just another reminder.  

Thursday, we went to my grandmother's house to celebrate with my side of the family.  We enjoyed the traditional smoked turkey and dressing (mom's secret recipe), peas, butter beans, corn, sweet potato casserole, chicken spaghetti (supplied by me), fried okra, and oh the list could go on and on.  We all gathered in the same room (for the first time in years) to enjoy our Thanksgiving day meal.  Yes, there was football on the tv and yes, we all didn't fit at the table but for the first time in years, we were all in the room eating, together!  After we cleaned up lunch, we rode with the guys to see if there was a new baby calf.  She looks like she is about to pop but she still hanging on.  The guys dropped us back off at grandmothers house and they went to hunt.  No luck because it was so hot.  But we got a lot accomplished inside cleaning out granny's house.  There is a lot more to do but we put a dent in it.  We all gathered back at the house before leaving for the evening to finally have dessert.  Carrot cake, homemade apple pie (made especially for Terry), sweet potato pie and pecan pie.  Oh boy oh boy, sugar highs all night long.

Friday was Thanksgiving at the Sowell's.  I was asked to bring my loaded mashed potatoes to go with all the wonderfully prepared food by Judy, Betty and Rita.  We ate until we couldn't eat anymore and enjoyed catching up with the family that we hadn't seen in eleven months.  Football and more football watching took place all afternoon.  And what a game the Iron Bowl had.  There was no upset since we all knew Auburn had it in them.  After all, they hadn't lost a game all season.  But you never know about these "local" bowl games.  Sometimes there are surprises during these games.  But this year there wasn't.

Saturday proved to be the laziest day of the week.  Pajamas til mid afternoon and then it was time for showers and to get ready for the Egg Bowl Party.  We had a wonderful time cheering on our bulldawgs to their victory.

Which leads to today... laying around watching movies on the couch with my love.  And there is also a nice big roast in the crockpot just slow cooking away.  What a wonderful day... what a GREAT week!!!

Only five more days of work and then it's off for the holidays for me!  I can't wait to enjoy this holiday season!  Happy Holidays! 


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  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful "full" Thanksgiving as well! Would love to see your loaded potato recipe! I bet it is so yummy! Have a great week counting down to your holiday! What a wonderful long break to have!


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