What I was thankful for in 2008

Monday, November 8, 2010

This was the list I made right before Thanksgiving in 2008... I thought I would post this because I will be making my new list of what I'm thankful for this year and it's funny to read because some of the things are the same but a lot of them will change this year.  Couldn't believe I came across this list while cleaning... it's fun to read things about the past.  ENJOY!

I'm thankful for... 2008

Everyone knows the obvious things we're thankful for but this breaks it down to what it means to me - right now.

~A mom who buys me cute pjs when I'm sick or blue because she knows I love them.

~A dad who comes to take care of me on his lunch break, even if all I want him to do is sit with me and be quiet.

~A brother who gets mad at me for something small then realizes it and call me to say he's sorry.

~A sister-in-law who gives subtle advice because she cares.

~A best friend who drives me to photo shoots because I'm too light headed to drive.

~A best friend who calls & sends text messages to make sure I'm ok.

~A best friend who adopted me as her sister.

~A best friend that shares some of my same thoughts.

~Friends in different cities & states that send facebook comments and messages to let me know they care.

~A dentist who may torture me in the chair but sends a prescription home with me so I can still enjoy my Thanksgiving.

~One beautiful niece who screams "Auntie Joyce" when she sees me and sings "Frosty the snowman" on the phone when I can't come play.

~Another beautiful niece who screams when I talk to her mom on the phone to let me know she's there.

~My little hero who serves his country & can't be with family & friends this holiday season.

~Neighbors who come over morning and night to check my blood pressure, even when it's 20 degrees outside.

~And last but certain not least - a dog who lays beside me on good days and bad days because she is loyal and a comfort.

I'm sure there are many more that I'm forgetting - but I couldn't sleep because I had it on my mind to write...

Enjoy your Thanksgiving and thanks for being you!

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