Maybe a little girl could be nice...

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

 I love my nieces to death, even Terry's, too.  But, we have always said we just want boys.  Well, a few days ago I went to see my nieces after work.  It seems like ages since I just went and spent some time with them at their house to play.  We normally meet up for lunch one a week and I talk to them on the phone all the time but it was time for some one on one time with them.  And that is exactly what I got.

When I got there, Ava was still napping so I asked Anniston what she wanted to do.  She wanted to play princess and drags me into the bathroom.  She said, "make me into a princess Auntie Joy."  So her wish was granted.  Put on a very tiny bit of makeup and curled her hair and put her "crown" on.  

Sorry the pictures aren't good quality... they were taken with my blackberry.  But, enjoy the pictures!!

With the rollers in her hair!!  Getting ready to be a princess!
Curly Sue Princess with her "crown"
The princess and her pony.
Oh the fun that was had!  So maybe, just maybe, a girl wouldn't be sooooo bad!  =)

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