Well, it's over...

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Christmas tree is down and all the ornaments, mesh and ribbon have been packed away.  All the ninety-six beautiful Christmas cards we received have been taken off the garland and placed in a pile on the bar and the furniture has been put back where it belongs.  And I'm sure I'll be getting use to everything getting back to normal, soon, right?

I love Christmas time and the things that it brings.  The sweet sounds of Christmas carols, all the Christmas movies with no one Santa looking the same, all the get togethers with friends and family and of course, the Christmas decor.  But there is something about the day after Christmas.  The day when you have to start thinking about taking all the decor down, seeing no more presents under the tree, wondering when the movies and music of the season will be no more til next year and dealing with the post Christmas blues.  

I seem to get them every year and this year I was hit hard with it.  I have been on vacation since December 8th and have had something to do EVERY SINGLE DAY since that day came.  And this past Monday, there was nothing on my calendar.  Did I enjoy sleeping late, you better believe it but I found myself wanting something to do.  I kept telling myself that next Monday you will give anything to not have anything to do but nevertheless, I had the blues.  

The blues quickly left me yesterday as I became ill with a nightmare of a migraine.  I hate being sick and this put me on my back and sick as a dog.  Thankfully after a semi good night's sleep I got up and made it to the appointment Terry had set up for me to have my new bluetooth for the car set up and professionally installed.  He went back to work and I took his truck for the day so I could spend time with my nieces in town.  We had a blast eating out, shopping and yes, they even made WalMart fun!  But then came time for their nap... which meant going home to un-decorate the house.  

About thirty minutes into it Terry called to tell me my car was ready.  We went to get it and I LOVE this bluetooth system for my car.  I can't wait to play with it more when I'm on the road.  But of course, the time came again, for me to head back home.  

And now, I sit here blogging with the house no longer decorated for Christmas.  The furniture back in it's place, the tree packed in it's bags out in the garage (thanks to Terry) and it's not the same as it was last night.  No twinkling of the lights, no Christmas music or Christmas movie on TV but one thing is for sure... if Christmas were all year long, it wouldn't be as special as it is!  So, til next year!!


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